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Department of Business Informatics

Madalińskiego 6/8
02-513 Warszawa
room 239

phone: +48 22 5649280
fax: +48 22 5648708

e-mail: kig@sgh.waw.pl

About us

Business Informatics is a discipline combining information technology with management concepts. It is concerned with the development, use, application and influence of Management Information Systems. It should not be confused with Computer Science which is more theoretical in nature and deals mainly with software creation.

Business Informatics is a well established, successful academic discipline, however known to the world by many names representing disciplines associated with it: Information Systems, Management Information Systems, Computer Information Systems, Information Management, Business Information Systems, Informatics, Information Technology or Information Technology Systems.

Business Informatics is a key area of interest for modern managers, as computerized information systems are a main source of information and provide tools for decision making. Moreover, information systems can be a source of competitive advantage (such systems are called Strategic Information System). Growing scope of modern information systems and development of Electronic Business increase influence of information technology on all humanity.

The Department for Business Informatics at the Warsaw School of Economics is one of the leading research and teaching centers on Information Systems in Poland. The department is cooperating in projects developed jointly with the leading IT corporations like Microsoft, Oracle, SAS, SAP and others.

The department is divided into 5 centers:

Center for Information Economy and Information Society
Center for Software Technology
Center for Systems Design
Center for Information Systems
Center for Multimedia Knowledge Systems